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FIZZIQ<sup>TM</sup> Cocktail Bottling System
FIZZIQTM Cocktail Bottling System
Item# PBS-700001

The FIZZIQTM Cocktail Bottling System is a revolutionary new product that embraces two emerging trends in the cocktail world, the increasing interest in bottled cocktails, and the growing use of carbonation in cocktails.

Completely automated one-touch filling. Easily bulk carbonate and bottle any amount of beverage. Bottle up to 120 bottles per hour, without losing product or effervescence. Its size is only 24"h x 18"w x 12" deep.

Cmes with:

--Bottling machine;

--Carbonating vessel;

24 Bottles, 59 caps, and capper;

--Primary regulator, all hoses and connections, and power supply.

The only thing you need to provide is the source of carbon dioxide, which could be a stand-alone cylinder.

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